Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MEKA World Container Homes

MEKA World is a Canada based company specializing in metal shipping container homes. They have eight impressive container home designs to choose from.  The number in the model name tells you how many square feet the design has.  For example, the ALP 320 is 320 square feet.  You can find more photos and floor plans on their website,  All photo and image credits in this post go to MEKA World.  

ALP 320 Exterior
The models and current prices (in USD) as of the day of this post are listed below...
ALP 320         $66,800      
SOL 480         $86,300   
VOR 640        $121,500     
THOR 960     $170,000   
HELA 1280   $215,000 
JAM   1920       Contact MEKA World

They have also recently added two micro homes called the TALMA 200 and LIBERTY 200, each made of one 8'x20' container (160 square feet).  Those sell for $29,000 USD and $36,000 USD respectively.  The Liberty is an off-grid model that features solar electricity and thermal, battery storage, composting toilet, and a water storage tank.

ALP 320 floor plan.

ALP 320 Interior

The ALP 320 shown above is a studio model (no separate bedroom).  The SOL 480 and VOR 640 are both one bedroom models. The THOR 960 has two bedrooms, one up and one down.  The HELA 1280 is a three bedroom unit with two bedrooms on the second floor and one on the first. The THOR and HELA both have two bathrooms, the ALP, SOL, and VOR have just one bathroom each.  I love the fact that they show many of their completed designs with solar panels and rain barrels.

THOR 960
VOR 640
HELA 1280
The MEKA World prefabricated shipping container homes are completely finished inside and out.  They are wired, plumbed, and well insulated.  Bathroom fixtures are installed, as are kitchen cabinets.  

Floor plans for the HELA 1280
I will provide some interior photos and the company's website below.

HELA 1280 Interior
Bathroom.  Note skylight over shower.
Bedroom in HELA 1280
You can see and learn more at MEKA World's website:

Click here to go to an older post that features a video about a MEKA World container home.  

Click here to see my first design for an 8' x 20' container home.

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